Serving JSON and XML with REST and pleasure.

A RESTful backend for your rich-client applications.
Performant, Trim, and Extensible

A Model-View-Controller Framework

RESTRack follows the MVC design pattern that you are already familiar with.

Inspired by Rails

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It is inspired by Rails and follows a few of its conventions. But, while Rails is a powerful tool for full web applications, RESTRack is targeted at super lightweight data services.

Based on Rack

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Rack aims to provide a minimal API for connecting web servers and web frameworks. RESTRack leverages Rack to provide a minimal framework to create REST services.

Creating JSON and XML data services are now a CINCH.

From the get go, RESTRack was designed to make it extremely easy to develop performant REST data services.

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ExtJS, Dojo, Mobile Apps, and Cloud Type Architectures (Oh My!)

RESTRack is perfect for data generation. Rich JavaScript frameworks such as ExtJS, jQuery UI, dojo, and native mobile applications would be well suited to for RESTRack serving as the data layer. The framework has a very small memory footprint, making it a great choice for cloud type architectures.

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But wait...there's more!


> gem install restrack-client

A library for interacting with RESTRack based services, although it provides a convenient API to any RESTful service.


> gem install restrack-balancer

A library for interacting with RESTful web services with automatic load balancing across a cluster.


> gem install restrack-splitter

A library for interacting with RESTful web services with automatic distribution across multiple nodes of a cluster.